How to Establish a News Website or News Agency

How to Establish a News Website or News Agency - Karnil web

Some people love to teach, some love to be famous and of course some want to shout out loud what they have just found out about a friend or relative… yeah that person can be a future news website founder.

Separated from the fun part, the news agencies or websites do a massive important part in todays world. As a news agency you got the power even to overthrown a prime minister.

We, as a web designer would take it ultimately seriously to Establish a news website as you might do as an independent reporter or an agency.

How to Establish a News Website or News Agency - KarnilWeb Precise
Being Accurate and Precise



Determining the Specific Subject of Your Profession

Whether you are a multi-interest reporter or a one activity follower like sports, first of first know your exact resources and capabilities. it would be the crucial step for you like nothing else. any miscalculated part or section or issue will cause the failure and wasting the money and time you have spent. not only the present situation should be considered but the incoming things might appear in your way. it includes the personal life and career life of yours. many of your friends might happen to become distrusted in you or not speaking freely when you’re around.

The time, the money, the quantity of your co-workers, the amount of money you want to spend on informers or so called hidden reporters and other things might face in the future… so first step is R&D or what we call it Research and development to Establish a News Website. To be said we also care about R&D at highest place to initiate a web site.

How to Establish a News Website or News Agency - KarnilWeb Host
The Unbelievable Host space at Karnilweb

Space Space and SPACE

Every day, every hour, every minute you need to load data onto your host to post content in the page. Did you attended well into your contract with the web designer you have chosen? Did they provided for you enough host space to let you act freely? If not, unfortunately we have to say, my friend you are in big problem. As times goes on you need to pay more and more daily to increase your host.

So why bother? From the beginning go for a company that let you fly in the cyber space. Our technical experts at karnil web are ready to speak to you any time. Btw we will provide you the space you have never heard before.


How to Establish a News Website or News Agency - KarnilWeb
News Agency Essentials KarnilWeb

Some Technical Essentials

  • Simple navigation
  • Eye friendly color theme
  • Long scrolling page with attractive sections
  • Content moderation for seo
  • Breaking news part and its pop-up feature on mobile version
  • Giving full control to users by well chosen tabs
  • Connecting the readers to site through their phones
  • Links to apps that we know them as social media
  • The exclusive templates and banners
  • The alignment and order of windows (Grids)
  • Bright space of backgrounds to make it even more legible
  • Dividing the main and subsidiary content
  • Advertisement management in moderate form
  • Social media branches of yours
  • Be aware of the readers opinions, comment section
  • Don’t exhaust the eyes with text filled pages, use color, use photos
  • Loading time and UI/UX design, simply means user friendly page


Start it Now with The Experts

Our team in karnilweb are ready to help you establish your agency or even redesign the site you might have initiated before. That means if you have your source codes of the already designed site we can completely help you to redesign and reform the site and make it search engine optimized.

Don’t wait more, contact us for any issue you have encountered. Get a Quote

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