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Good Product but No Sale?

you need online marketing

modern time changed many things that we were used to for a long time. if you wait for customers to get to notice you, you are going to lose the market surely. as others are running after customers. 
just look at this number at 2020, digital sale competition has reached $4 trillion net worth and the number for 2021 is estimated $5 trillion and that’s not the end. the growth of this market won’t stop. 
what is the consequence of that number? it is getting harder every day to make splash for the market. 
you need the magic fuel to break the sonic barrier.

Don’t know about you but we at Karnil are raving to make some noise in the market.

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Using the Proportional Strategy and Method

If we consider the online marketing is like the wheels and your business is the car, so not any good wheel matches you car and not any body needs big wheels. it is symmetric kind of science, 100 percent.

Our goal is to increase the reach of your company and to win potential customers in a targeted manner. Online marketing can be compared to a classic advertising campaign, which is however adapted to the coordinates of the online world. A successful online presence consists of an impressive website, regularly maintained social media sub pages, consistency of your online value management, targeted online advertising, mapping the google business section of yours, not leaving the consumers/customers alone at all in any step of trade or buy and presence on online stores like amazon which we can help you on that too.

many different methods are out there and some of them are just mysteries. but some are approved and experienced like SMART method. the importance of method acting in business is it keeps you fully focused on the objectives. so what does smart acronym stands for? 

1- Specific 
2- Measurable 
3- Attainable 
4- Relevant
5-Time based goals 

1- the more narrowed and detailed your goal gets, the faster and better the would have get done. your plan becomes effective.

2- define what numbers and outcome will prove you’re doing good and re-evaluate them time to time.

3- can logic and reason say you will get to these goals? and is the timeframe certain?

4- how can your goals help you in the business? are they aligned with your values? 

5- for better task prioritization and a good transcending motivation, set the time to reach.

the mentioned method is one of the methods that our experts at Karnilweb can offer. feel free to contact us.

Professional online presence for your company

can a good graphic designer be a good marketer? what about a good programmer? marketing is a multi-factor team based work which needs creativity of groups. amateurs only have one card to play on yet pros have nice pair of cards which have got mastered with them.

 In order to be able to work out a successful web presence, some questions must be answered. Which services would you like to hire? Which target group is supposed to get reached by our online marketing? How should your company get marketed? by an initial consultation, we will work out all your questions, ideas and plans together and will create a rough concept on how the online marketing of your company can look like. We will happily inform you on various marketing strategies and other necessary steps. With your cooperation we will plan the further processes and start with the implementation of your website. In order to be able to represent you authentically, it is important that our team becomes familiar with the work of your company and gets a clear picture of its values and services. Through regular updates and constant maintenance from our team of experts, your digital marketing will always be “up to date”.

none of these words and speeches can take place as consultation. lets talk now.

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