?How to Build a Website That Ranks

Website That Ranks

When you build a website, there are two major aspects to consider: consumers and search engines.

You need an SEO-friendly website so you show up on Google when consumers are searching for your products. But you also need a creative, user-friendly website so consumers can find what they want to buy.

The conflict for site owners, especially when there are hundreds of products available on the site, becomes finding a balance between being user-friendly and SEO friendly. To further complicate things, many businesses have two separate teams for SEO and web development. Even if both teams are in-house, having them work together to build a beautiful and successful website can be challenging.

 The development team will fight to keep the visual and user aspect of the site very simplistic, while the SEO team will want to ensure the site has enough content so Google can rank it effectively for user search queries.

So how do you find the balance when you have conflicting suggestions coming from each side?

In this article, we’ll take a deeper look at what SEO web design is, why it’s important, and what 10 things you need to optimize to find some common ground between these two goals.

Design Implementation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in MSMEs

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Web Design


The rapid development of web and internet technology today allows someone to make the desired website easier. But the fact is that after creating a website, many things must be done by someone so that their online business can make a profit.

One of them is Search Engine Optimization. In this study, we will discuss website design that uses Search Engine Optimization for MSMEs, where there are factors such as internal and external to maximize website design.

The use of SEO can help MSMEs increase traffic to the website, helping to choose focus keywords, page titles, and meta descriptions that suit their needs. This can be seen from google analytics installed and gets data on changes from before and after the website implements SEO.

Based on the study results, it can conclude that the design of the implementation of search engine optimization in MSMEs has been successfully carried out.

Edgar Damian Ochoa (2012), An Analysis of the Application of Selected Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques and Their Effectiveness On Google’s Search Ranking Algorithm, Bachelor Thesis in Computer Science California State University, Northridge

What is SEO web design?

SEO (or search engine optimization) is the practice of optimizing a website so that it ranks well on search engines. Website design is the design and creation of a website and all of its pages.

If you put them together, SEO web design is the design and creation of a website that is optimized for search engines. It covers the SEO best practices that designers need to follow when building websites.

Why is SEO web design important?

If your company website has a stunning design but you can’t get any of its web pages to rank in search engine results, how are people going to find your website?

While social media and PPC ads are great for increasing traffic, it’s important to find organic ways to ramp up your website traffic and get to page one of the SERPs.

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SEO web design increases organic traffic

Organic traffic to your website is any kind of traffic coming from search engines that hasn’t been paid for. These are website viewers who found your site after searching for something on Google and browsing through the top options.

To be specific, the first search result gets over a quarter of all clicks, the second search result gets 15 percent, and it drops off quickly from there.

Since the 10th result gets 2.5 percent of the clicks, it’s safe to assume that anything past page one has abysmal organic traffic results. This is why you want to design and optimize your website as well as possible to increase the chances that you rank higher on SERPs.

SEO web design attracts high-intent traffic

When someone is conducting a Google search, it’s because they have a specific query they’re hoping to find information about. And when your page shows up at the top of the search results with that exact answer, they’re going to click over to your page.

While they may not convert right after discovering your website, they’re now aware that they can come back to you if they have any other related questions. This top-of-mind brand awareness is ideal for increasing conversions, all because they were searching for something in your industry.

Having that high-intent traffic is even more valuable than other traffic, which is why it’s important to optimize your new website to increase search engine rankings.

SEO web design improves the user experience

Every dollar invested in UX brings 100 in return, an ROI of 9,900 percent—but that’s not the only benefit. If you want to get on the good side of Google’s algorithm, your website needs to be SEO-optimized but also user-friendly. Google has refined its criteria so that user experience-related metrics factor into your rankings.

Based on studies done by Backlink, some of these criteria include:

Dwell time

Mobile usability

Bounce rate

Improving your website SEO is an essential part of any marketing strategy. It ensures your website works well and is easy for a visitor to navigate, so they can find the information they’re looking for.

Improving your website SEO is an essential part of any marketing strategy. It ensures your website works well and is easy for a visitor to navigate, so they can find the information they’re looking for.

Google only wants to rank the best sites to prevent its own user experience from being impacted by poor websites. So having a high-ranking site builds trust with the user while helping them find exactly what they’re looking for.


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