?Why should we have a website

Why should we have a website?

Today, website can be the first place that you can introduce your business and customers interact with you and learn about your business.

 Like many small business owners, you may believe your business doesn’t need to have a website. In 2019, 70-80 percent of people before visiting companies, they researching companies online. It is more important to have a great website. If you want to increase your function, you need a website. It is as simple as that. It is also the place where people can connect with your brand. By adding a short company overview to the website, you can tell the world about who you are, what experience you have in the field of your expertise. In addition, you will have an email address connected with your domain, which will be much more solid than a regular mail account. you can share your ideas throng a blog, it will lead to more confidence in your business.       

What are reasons people creating websites?

The first and most obvious sell your products online.

Reason for building a business website is to open an online:

  • Inform and convert potential customers.
  • Increase brand recognition.
  • Provide customer support.
  • Keep customers updated.
  • Use effective marketing techniques.

Most people do not trust a business without a good website. Potential customers will trust you more and have all the information they need in one place.

Many small and medium business owners still do not believe that they will be able to earn more money if they have own website or they consider the cost of creating it to be too large for the budget of a small company.

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Promote your business

The competent and informative content about your products. Services, and your organization on the business website helps you gain customers respect and attention. Your website resource demonstrates to your target audience why your business is better than other similar businesses and promotes your company, ideas, products, and services.

Having a website will attract new customers to your business and make you more money. If you do not have a website, you have no chance. If a business has website, it will easily attract potential customers.

How much does website design cost?

As a quick calculation, the value of a website is often regarded as being between twenty-four and thirty-six times your monthly revenue.

four factors that influence the cost of website development:

  1. Website type: there are many solutions in web development. For a blog project, you will probably need an expert in word press, which is the most popular content management system.
  2. Web design: this is one of the factors that have the most impact on the cost of website development. If you want to have a unique website, you should have a good design for your site.
  3. Cost of website pages: a website can have a single page or 500 different ones. The cost of website development increases with the number of pages.
  4. Language versions: your pages must be translated in to each of the languages chosen for your site. Your website will have as many home pages, contact pages, and product pages as there are languages.

Web design express

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What are the advantages of website in business?

  • Look professional
  • Always available
  • Own your name
  • Share contact information
  • Advertising
  • Cuts costs

Website with KARNIL WEB

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Why should we have a website?

?Why should we have a website

Today, website can be the first place that you can introduce your business and customers interact with you and learn about your business.  Like many